Struggling With Consistency? Try This!

3 Tips To Build Consistency With Anything!

Becoming consistent with a new habit, eating well, or even fitness, can be difficult for some.

Even for me, it was something that I had to put into practice and with time, it became natural.

Everyone has the ability to become consistent in something they want. And in this blog post, Im going to be showing you HOW.

Ill be revealing with you my top 3 tips that I have used in the past and still use to this day

You can use this absolutely anything you want!


To begin, you must start by planning. Planning is the key to your new beginning on consistency.

I personally love to plan and schedule everything. Why? Because it frees up my time, gives me motivation, allows me to achieve more and most importantly, stick to my goals.

I advise always planning on a Sunday. It sets you up for the week and provides the momentum you need.

If you are wanting to become consistent with your workouts, decide for each day what you want to do. You can go as far as even picking the exact workouts, or classes you will be attending so that its easier to simply turn up and commit. Here is an example:

Monday: HIIT Circuit

Tuesday: Toning

Wednesday: Hooked Power Up Program + Walk

Thursday: Pilates

Friday: Off

Saturday: Off

Sunday: Hooked Power Up Program


Being able to tick off your achievements, leads to you feeling accomplished and motivated to continue going.

It is crucial for your consistency to see how far you have gone, and how you going.

Ways in which you can do this, is:


Along with your planning for the week ahead, it is important to make sure you set times alongside the days of what you are doing.

Like I said, the more exact and more detailed you can get about your tasks or goals you want to achieve, setting times will really help and enable you to stick to your plan.

I use a physical planner, but you can use a calendar on your computer or your phone, to do this. Pick times in which you know you will stick to, and times without distraction.

I always pick the morning, as I am more energetic to workout then, and my calendar is clearer.