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Start a new program, & cant lose weight?

Every workout program I tried in the past consisted of weights, or a new diet that was so restrictive I hated it!

And I found myself hitting a wall, feeling less confident & so confused what to do!

Then in 2018, everything changed. I took matters into my hands, tested workouts on myself, followed a basic diet and finally I saw results!

I learnt how to lose weight from my stubborn area: thighs! I even got my stomach belly back, again, after having my child. I learnt techniques to boost my confidence and feel strong!

Ive helped THOUSANDS of women worldwide. Are you next?

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Get access to hundreds of Hollys workouts on her YouTube channel with over 1.6 million subscribers. As one of the first at home fitness instructors on YouTube, Holly has workouts targeting every muscles in your body, using no equipment and can be done in any space in your home.
Her workouts will helps to unlock confidence, strength and transform your life physically and mentally.

Want scheduled workout? Then join the exclusive Hooked Program with over 50,000 women getting incredible results from Hollys famous 15-25 minute workouts. 

Created after high demand from her YouTube community, Hooked contains incredible workout program, harnessing Hollys unique workout method combining HIIT, Pilates, Yoga, Low Impact and Dance workouts in real time videos, to fit into your day. 

Alongside the workouts, Hooked includes Mindset Training to teach you how to gain confidence and learn the right tools to build a successful mindset for your everyday life.

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About Me

Holly is an certified fitness trainer, who has been training women in the comfort of their homes for 4 years.
On a mission to help women get confident, she began her YouTube channel to share how she gained confidence in her body, through her unique workout method. Due to effective short method, she gained a loyal following of 1.6 million and co-founded her fitness company, Hooked, with over 50K women. 

Holly believes in sharing her method with everyone, and that fitness and the right mindset is the key to loving yourself and your body.