Self Sabotage - Do This To Stop It

How To Stop It Insantly

Have you ever stopped and noticed how you speak to yourself?

Honest question here for some self development!

Are you pretty self critical? Are you positive? Or do you talk yourself down and make yourself feel like you cannot accomplish your goals?

I ask, because, one thing I have noticed is that...

As we get older, our confidence gets chipped awayAnd I wondered, why?

Ive come to the conclusion that many factors can influence this. Relationships, childhood, experiences etc.

But Ive definitely noticed an increased in lower self esteem since the existence of social media. We self compare to others very easily to images and videos. We have become pretty focused on looks and worry about what others thinks of us. And when we get into that cycle of comparing and nitpicking at ourselves...

Our brain begins a negative dialogue where we speak to ourselves in a negative way, effect our mindset and self sabotage our happiness and results.

We Are What We Think

So if you are someone who lacks inner confidence and self sabotages their own goals and dreams.... Heres what to do!

When a negative thoughts pops up… think why? Has someone upset you? Something in your environment annoyed you?

Just Stop. Smile.

And notice that switch in your emotion. You’re in control of your emotion. So smile! Laugh.

You get to decide if you are allowing negativity and self sabotage into your life. Surround yourself with positive people: a positive community, friends and family.

This message today is all about inspiring and letting you know, you are amazing!

Before we go I want you to write down something you are grateful for. Maybe its Im looking good. I am capable. Im smashing it at work - ANYTHING!

Just start believing in you.

If We Believe In Ourselves, We Can Achieve Anything