Fitness Is Not Just Physical, Its Mental

The Mental Benefits Of Fitness

How do you feel after a workout?

Even when you're red-faced and aching, you still feel pleased with yourself for giving it a go, right?

Once that breathlessness subsides, you feel like you have more energy and you're proud of yourself for the hard work you just put into that workout.


Although we seek the physical results for working out, like weight loss and a toned body, the mental health benefits of becoming more physically active are becoming more and more important.

I love to exercise as it stimulates positive endorphins, and clears my mind. I am sure you've also noticed a boost in your mood too?

A healthy body = healthy mind!

But can exercise truly impact your mental health as well?

New research from the Department of Health published in October 2017, reported 12 per cent of cases of depression could be prevented with an hour of exercise each week - that's just three workouts a week and you could reduce your risk of depression by 30 per cent.

Along with this, exercise can reduce stress and anxiety!

Performing exercises such as yoga, pilates, running or even HIIT can be therapeutic to clear your mind. Exercise is great for releasing tension and giving yourself a feeling of joy.

If you are new to exercise, then the best advice is to start slow.

Start with low-intensity exercises – such as walking – and build yourself up to a jog.

Or if you are stressed, try yoga or Pilates as every stretch releases tension and every movement makes oxygen flow a little faster.

Ultimately, the key is to find a workout you enjoy, so you'll want to keep doing it.

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After you have finished your workout, take a moment to notice how your mood has lifted and how great you feel. You won't be disappointed.

Love, Holly xx