Hi! I’m Holly, the founder of Pink Dragon. I’ve helped transform the physical, mental and emotional well-being of thousands of people around the world by focusing on three key principles: the right nutrition, daily movement, and a strong mindset. I teach students how to grow from hating exercise to it becoming their passion. I transform them from seeing cooking as a chore, to respecting food as a tool to feel their best self. My mission is to reignite people’s confidence in themselves, love the body they live in and support them to achieve their dreams!


My own journey began…


… after transforming my life with health and fitness and feeling inspired to help other women with similar struggles. My confidence was at rock-bottom, I was teased for my weak body, and my gut-health resulted in multiple digestive issues; intolerant-bowel-syndrome to name just one. I had enough of my self-doubt, self-criticism, and it was time to make a massive change to the trajectory of my life. That’s when I began to focus on the three pillars of transformation – nutrition, movement, and mindset.


These three pillars created the basis for every program and product I offer: Ultra-Burn Fat Loss, Ultra-Define Toning Program, 3-Day Detox, 30-Day Meal Plan, Sweet Treats. More than just improving the way that my students look, I teach them how to upgrade the way that they feel and think about themselves.


The most important part for people during their health and fitness journey is to recognise their starting point. That’s why I’ve created a short quiz, which will lead you to specific recommendations based on your circumstances and goals you want to achieve.


Take the quiz here.


Whichever stage you’re at, with a positive mindset, constant movement and the right nutrition, the possibilities for your life are endless!

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